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3900 Carvins Cove Rd.
Salem, VA, 24153

(540) 384-6736

Carvins Cove Bed & Biscuit is an exclusive full service Dog and Cat Boarding Kennel catering to pet owners who value personalized services. CCB&B offers Day Care, Short-Term, and Long-Term boarding for both Dogs & Cats.

Policies & Agreements

Effective January 1, 2017, to serve ALL of our treasured customers both fairly and ethically, all processes, policies, terms & conditions with be followed without exception.  Your understanding and assistance in adherence is greatly appreciated.




At the time a boarding request is made, you are required to provide valid credit card information. (Visa, MasterCard, Discovery or American Express)  This information will be held pending your arrival and check-in.  No charge will be made at time of booking.



Checking-In & Payment

Payment for the full duration of the stay is due at time of check-in.  No refunds are given for early checkouts.  If your reservation is approved for extension after check-in, the remaining balance is due in full at the time of check-out. You are welcome to change payment type during check-in process.  Insufficient funds fee is $25.00 per check run.




Notification of cancellation or reduction in reserved dates must be received 48-hours prior to your scheduled check-in date & time. Without 48-hour notice, you will be charged for the full time you reserved. No refunds will be given for bookings made inside the 48 hour period. ”No-shows” will be charge for the full time reserved and the reservation will be canceled once the appointment is missed.

ExampleReservation - Scheduled Drop-off = Thursday, June 8th in the AM. (7:30 - 9:30)

Cancellation Cut-off - Tuesday, June 6th before 9:30am EST.

Boarding Contractual Agreement

We agree to exercise due and reasonable care and to keep CCB&B premises sanitary and property enclosed to minimize escape.  The pet(s) are to be fed, watered, exercised and to be housed in clean and safe quarters.

If pet(s), which is presented for boarding, is found to have signs of fleas, ticks, is excessively dirty or malodors, it will be bathed at the owner's expense.  No additional notification or authorization will be required or given.

If pet(s) becomes mildly ill or injured, CCB&B has the right to administer first aid and OTC medications at their sole discretion.  If pet(s) becomes seriously ill or injured, the owner or appointed trustee will be contacted / notified. If the owner / trustee does not inform immediately regarding measures to be taken and/or the state of the pet's health reasonably demands quick or timely action, CCB&B has full authority to contact the veterinarian of record and/or alternate veterinarian services and transport the pet(s) as deemed necessary at the sole discretion of CCB&B.  In either case, actual cost not limited to tests, treatment and medication in addition to reasonable charges not limited to time, transportation, fee's and extenuating circumstances are the sole responsibility of the owner or trustee and are due in full at time of scheduled pick-up.

I agree and give CCB&B the right to record and maintain credit card/debit card information for immediate and future use.  I further give CCB&B the right to charge the credit card/debit card of record to satisfy outstanding balances at any time and at its sole discretion not limited to deposits, balance totals, medical expenses, extenuating circumstances and additional fee's.

If pet(s) are not called for and picked up within ten (10) days after previously scheduled pick-up date, CCB&B has the right to sell the pet(s) and/or otherwise transfer ownership of pet(s) at its sole discretion.  Prior to taking final action, CCB&B will use reasonable and customary efforts to communicate its intent with owner and/or trustee.  Extensive efforts, defined by CCB&B, will not be undertaken.

All pets are boarded or otherwise cared for by Carvins Cove Bed & Biscuit,LLC and its staff (CCB&B) without liability on the part of CCB&B against loss or damage from but not limited to disease, death of any cause, running away, theft, fire, injury to pet(s), persons and property of any kind and for any reason.

If CCB&B chooses to pursue legal action to satisfy outstanding balances and is granted judgment, owner agrees to pay on behalf of CCB&B all actual court costs and fee's in addition to actual attorneys fee's and CCB&B's actual documented time associated to the case at the rate of $35.00 per hour/per person or the maximum allowable by law, whatever is lower.